Enid Blyton and her wonderful Famous Five stories are part of Dorset’s heritage and landscape. Badgers too are part of Dorset’s heritage and landscape.

DBBW continues the fight against the barbaric slaughter of badgers in the convenient name of eradicating bovine TB. Pointless cruel and ineffective as it is we are gearing up again for another year of protecting badgers from senseless culling.

We try and raise money each year to cover costs during culling. The main ones being fuel and equipment.

Please help us help badgers by donating £5 (a Famous Five!) or however much you can spare below:

Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare is entirely run by volunteers, with our operating costs mostly being covered by passing a hat (actually a pint glass) round at our monthly meetings.  This has worked well for covering printing and event costs but we are now raising funds to help provide low-cost vaccination for badgers in Dorset. For every landowner we can convince to vaccinate the badgers on their land, rather than cull them, we are saving lives. For this scheme to succeed we will need to raise tens of thousands of pounds, and that’s where you come in. We have a donate button at the top and bottom of this page that will allow you to make a donation through Paypal. Please help us with whatever you can spare and share this page with your family and friends. On behalf of Dorset’s badgers, thank you.



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