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The 10 year, £50million, Randomized Badger Culling Trail was an independent scientific study to determine if badgers were a significant contributor to bTB in cattle and if killing them would make any difference to the spread of the disease. The results were clear, badgers are not the problem. The indicators are that cattle are more likely to pass bTB to badgers than the other way round. Even the government’s own best-case scenario is that a cull would only slightly reduce the rate at which  bTB is spreading. In terms of eliminating the problem, as is the case when dealing with disease in humans, containment and vaccination is the solution. As well as stricter cattle movement controls and improved biosecurity on farms, scientists are clear that vaccination, both for badgers and bovines, is essential to control and eliminate bTB. Vaccination creates immunity in those animals and can also be passed on to their offspring. This is the humane, long-term solution we advocate.

We support the Dorset Badger Vaccination Project to provide low cost vaccination for badgers in Dorset.

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