Cull 2019


This year in Dorset maybe up to 7,000 badgers will die in the unscientific government culls !

As no proof has come to light that badgers are to blame for the spread of Bovine TB….why carry on ! We have been informed Btb has risen in some cull zones…so the question is….is it all about Btb…or are there other agendas? Are they going for extinction? Is it not just dairy farmers involved…are others wanting the badgers killed off?

There is a new zone in Dorset now…so more or less that makes it the whole County is being culled!

DBBW have volunteers all over the county walking the public rights of way watching for any abuse of the licence laws,also making sure that any injured badger that may have escaped get to the safety of vets to help them…they do not all get shot humanly…and do not all die instantly !
If you think you can help please call the 24 hour Badger Office number 07388142697 …any abusive calls are reported to our Cull Liaison Police.

All donations received go to aiding our volunteers eg fuels costs.

We thank you all for your support over the last few years and hope that one day the scientists will be listened to and culling will be stopped…vaccination is the best alternative! DBBW


Facebook Fundraising Auction

Auction items have now been posted on ..please go and have a look and share to all your friends and family .All the funds raised will be used for various activiies such fuel for volunteers sett checking not just during the culls but all year round also we get called out day & night to collect injured badgers to get them to vets or rescues,we donate to vets ‘wildlife’pots as some don’t charge for wildlife! We also try when safe to go and check rtas that the public have reported in case of foul play.We support DBVP too.
If you don’t have facebook or don’t want to bid on any items you can still donate via the website.
Thank you.


Supplementary Badger Culling in Dorset North zone 3 has started again, we have to state that we are against this as the facts are pointing to cattle to cattle transfer of Bovine TB is the major way it is being spread.
Numbers of badgers have never been properly investigated,people have taken a guess how many there are in all the zones,some people think that if a sett has 20 holes then at least 20 badgers are in there…this is not at all true,so the amount is being very over estimated, so yet again they will just kill as many adults and badger cubs they want…yes cubs will be slaughtered too !
We support vaccination of badgers,we helped to set up a Dorset group dedicated to doing this…Dorset Badger Vaccination Project and continue to support them,many other counties have done the same,some get government or local council support now ! Wales even had funding from the EU in the past!
The link from North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs below will give you information of where this is happening in Dorset,if you see or hear of any other areas in Dorset where people are trapping or shooting badgers it is totally illegal so please call the police 101 number and report it as a wildlife crime,mention badgers and culling to be flagged up to be dealt with more urgency!
If you think you can help us please send a private message to Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare,either on Facebook,Twitter or via the Website ( ) you can also call The Badger Office (24 hours) on 07388 142697.All contact will be treated with the strictest confidence,any abuse will be reported to our Badger Liaison Police Officers.
I you should wish to donate please click this link
Many thanks for your support…Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare.
North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs…

 The current license for the 2019 Badger Cull in North Dorset is now active; making it now legal for Marksmen to trap and kill badgers all for prevention of Bovine Tuberculosis. This is despite the facts that there is very little supporting evidence for this cull.We are now stepping up our sett surveying and will soon be out preventing the trapping and killing of badgers in North Dorset.

Below is a list of major towns and villages within the North Dorset Cull Zone, if you see or hear any pickups late at night, any cages with badgers or gun shots at night or early morning, please contact us with a location and we will check it out as soon as we can.


• Alweston
• Bedchester
• Bishops Caundle
• Boys Hill
• Child Okeford
• Compton Abbas
• East Orchard
• East Stour
• Fiddleford
• Folke
• Gillingham
• Hartgrove
• Hinton St Mary
• Iwerne Courtney
• Iwerne Minster
• Kington Magna
• Lydlinch
• Manston
• Margret Marsh
• Marnhull
• Purse Caundle
• Stalbridge
• Stock Gaylard
• Stour Provost
• Stour Row
• Sturminster Newton
• Sutton Waldron
• Tarrant Villages
• Todber
• West Orchard

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