Hounds Off launch new website to protect farmers, landowners and the public against wildlife crime



Hounds Off, a free online resource designed to help landowners, farmers and residents to protect their property and pets from hunt trespass, and to encourage the public to report suspected wildlife crime, has just rebranded and launched a fantastic new, easy-to-use website.

The new logo was designed by Dorset Illustrator / Designer Stu Jones, who is the talent behind our own Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare logo and the Dorset Badger Vaccination Project’s logo, and is a key member of local animal welfare group Compassionate Dorset.

Hunting most wild mammals with dogs for sport was banned in England and Wales in 2004, including fox, deer, hare, mink and also badgers, yet many hunts are continuing illegally and often cause ‘hunt havoc’ in the countryside.

As Hounds Off say on their website; “Most compassionate, decent, fair-minded folk in Britain disapprove of animal cruelty. Latest opinion polls found that 76% of the British public are against fox hunting being legalised, rising to 81% for deer hunting and 83% for hare coursing.”

With the threat of the badger cull, we have also realised just how loved our British badgers are too, and they are of course otherwise a protected species. Check out some badgery facts on the new website at: www.houndsoff.co.uk/hunting-faqs/badgers-other-mammals.

There are also lots of gorgeous foxy clothing, prints, cards and accessories we are sure you will love, if you haven’t seen them already, on the  Hounds Off shop at: www.houndsoff.co.uk/shop (and we hear on the grapevine that car window stickers will be available very soon too!).

The new website has now had over 3,000 shares on Facebook alone in just 2 weeks of relaunching so please do share the site yourselves to spread the word of this valuable resource.

Read more at the new website at: www.houndsoff.co.uk/blog and view the website at www.houndsoff.co.uk.

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