Hunting ban letter in Dorset press


One of our supporters had a great letter published in our local newspaper earlier this week which has had a great response on social media, so we wanted to share here…

Subject: Hunting ban

In an extraordinarily patronising speech yesterday, David Cameron referred to a “rural way of life which a born and bred Londoner might struggle to understand “.

Well, excuse me while I put down my pitchfork and remove the piece of straw from the corner of my mouth in order to articulate more clearly.

Most of us who manage to live outside the M25 are quite able to do so without feeling the need to kill foxes or to commit other wildlife crimes. The current legislation is badly enforced as it is, and needs strengthening not repealing.

Yet again, as with the hugely unpopular, ineffective and expensive cull of badgers, Cameron has shown that he is happy to ignore the views of the majority of wildlife-friendly people in this country in order to appease the wishes of a select few.

K. S., Dorset

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  1. To think that it is normal or acceptable to hunt and kill and cull and slaughter animals is a very dangerous way of thinking. Cameron wants votes, he also wants to get his hands on that £100m a year for the next 23 years. The price of the badger cull. That will make him ‘popular’ especially to those who will receive a cheque in the post. This is what politics is all about, human life, animal life, has no value. I will not be voting Conservative, obviously. John Wantling, Rochdale

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