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West Dorset MP asked to ‘have a heart’ for badgers this Valentines



Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare had a very successful Valentines Day Public Outreach Event in Weymouth on Saturday 14th February, where a few of our volunteers asked locals to ‘HAVE A HEART FOR BADGERS’, and were spreading the ‘vaccinate not exterminate’ message.

We handed out badger leaflets, packets of love hearts and ‘I Love Badgers’ stickers!

Most people were very supportive and several recounted stories of how they fed the badgers in their gardens on peanut butter sandwiches.

A heartfelt thanks to Animal Aid for their support with this event.

A small group from DBBW also presented West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin with a special Valentines’ Day Card, and we are very pleased to see it featured in the Dorset Echo this week.

The message inside read:

Badgers are beautiful in their striking black and white
Against their cull in Dorset all decent folk should fight
Vaccination is THE way to fight TB in cattle
Oliver, will you pledge to join us in our battle?

Oliver Letwin told us that he did think vaccination was the way forward if it works. And yet he has officially commented; “I believe we should use every effort we can to control this disease and while we don’t yet have an alternative we should try to get the culls to work.”

What about Wales Oliver, we ask? What about cattle movement measures, improved bio-security on farms, testing and developing an effective cattle vaccination?

We say, Oliver you’re not listening to the scientists – culling is cruel, costly and unpopular, but most of all it doesn’t work!

Please send your letters and comments to the Dorset Echo at letters@dorsetecho.co.uk or read the full article and comment online here.

It’s About to Begin Again – Time To Get Into The Field and Stop The Slaughter


A badgerOne year on and it’s time to get back into the field to stop the culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire. Since Somerset is closest to Dorset, we will be focusing our support there. Last year car-loads of supporters from Dorset were out in the zone, and this year we want to make sure even more people are involved.

For those wanting to walk the footpaths then the Somerset Badger Patrol is for you. You can follow them and get updates on Facebook or via their website. They meet at a central location every night and walk on public rights of way in large visible groups throughout the cull zone. 

Dorset Hunt Sabs will also be in the zone every night and need as many people in the field as possible. The simple fact is that if people are in the immediate vicinity of shooters, then the shooters MUST pack up and move on. This is truly lifesaving work, so if you feel you are able to help please contact them. They will have experienced people who know the area leading small covert groups. They also have much of the equipment needed but are in need of support to get one essential bit of kit – a thermal imager, which you can help fund here.

Although Dorset has been spared the cull for now, we cannot let our guard down, a cull could be sprung on us at any time, since all the formalities have already been done and the NFU propaganda machine is working in overdrive pushing for a cull in Dorset. One of the things that will make a cull less likely is to have a strong vaccination programme running in the county, which is why we strongly support the Dorset Badger Vaccination Project, who are doing incredible work. Please support them so that in the coming months they can make sure more of Dorset’s badgers are protected from bTB and the cull.

However you can help, now is the time to get active and involved. Please show your support and let’s make sure this year’s culls are even more pointless than last and that we put an end to this whole sorry mess once and for all.